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Shipping Showdown: Unveiling Our Smooth Moves!

Welcome to Grills, Grills, Grills – where shipping is an art and efficiency is our muse. We’re about to spill the beans on how we hustle those sizzling shipments right to your doorstep. Get ready for the ultimate shipping scoop!

Warehouse Wonders:

When the clock’s ticking, and you need your grill fix pronto, we might just ship directly from the manufacturer to zap the delivery time into hyperspace. Keep in mind, if you’re rocking a custom finish, patience is a virtue – they might need a little extra pampering time.

Ground Shipping Groove:

Behold our standard free shipping – the powerhouse trio of FedEx, UPS, and USPS! For anything over 100 pounds, these trusted parcel services take the stage, delivering your order like clockwork. We’re all about the seamless experience – but should the grill gods play a prank and your order arrives with a few battle scars, flip through our return policy playbook for the winning moves.

Freight Fandango:

Ready for a heavyweight showdown? When you’re order’s too large and heavy for, our free standard delivery service gets its groove on with freight carriers. They’ll drop you a line to set up the perfect delivery rendezvous. Remember to share the digits for a smooth scheduling tango. Our freight fiesta includes curbside swag and lift gate assistance. While the driver handles the drop-off, the spotlight’s on you to take the reins and roll that grill to its new stage.

Red-Carpet Inspection:

Our freight finales demand a star-studded entrance – your signature, that is! A pre-show inspection is your golden ticket. Give your grill the VIP treatment and scan for any surprises. If the script calls for drama (read: damages), scribble it down on the delivery notes for the record. Just remember, our curtain falls on holding us responsible for any mystery damages that skip the spotlight.

When it comes to freight deliveries, don’t be afraid to open the boxes and inspect the items before signing the driver’s paperwork. They can’t leave until they get your autograph. If it came in hot send it back trucking. When it comes to sizzled items, just shoot over images of the concealed damage for express handling.


If your original delivery came in hot via Freight, send it back our way using the same ride. Don’t except it! We’ll need a snapshot of the item in its packaging glory for the “before” shot to dodge any blame for potential return journey hiccups. Don’t forget to write damaging notes on the driver’s paperwork to keep them in check. Contact us asap so we can get an RMA (return master authorization) rolling.


Delivery by a ground or freight carrier and got a gnarly issue like a manufacturer glitch hidden behind the curtain? We’ll kick off the troubleshooting dance. If a quick fix isn’t in the cards, we’ll pull out all the stops to get you what you need asap. Everything looked good and you discover concealed damage you didn’t notice when the smiling driver handed it off. You’ve got 48 hours from the delivery to ring us and give us the low down. When you’re boxing up a return, make sure it’s looking spiffy, the packaging is on point, and don’t forget to slap your RMA number (Return Master Authorization number) on the package for quick identification.


Shipping Showdown, Continued:

Shipping Style Shuffle:

Check out our slick shipping options dance:

Flat Rate Finesse:

Orders at or below $99.00? Enter the flat-rate realm with a $9 ticket. It’s the price of admission to standard spots in the contiguous 48 states. While we’re the choreographers of delivery, we might throw in a surprise twist – choosing the delivery vibe, carrier, and level of service that’ll sweep you off your feet.

Free Shipping Fiesta:

Spend $100.00 or more and earn yourself a free ticket to standard shipping nirvana. It’s all about that contiguous 48 states groove. Just like dance partners, we’re in sync with the moves – selecting delivery flair, the carrier that wows you, and the service that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Hold up – there’s a catch. Special delivery divas (we’re looking at you, hard-to-reach areas) might need a special encore fee.

Last-Minute Shuffle:

Got an overnight obsession after 2 PM Central Time? We hear you. If the stars align, your order’s off on the next business day in a perfect world.


Encore Disclaimer:

Dazzled by international duty and taxes? They’re your responsibility, rockstar.


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